International Quilt Festival

Surprise – “Maker Known” was accepted for the exhibit In the American Tradition at the International Quilt Festival! This is amazing, quite frankly. The show in Houston each year is a pilgrimage of sorts for many quilters, and for my grandmother, sister, and I, it was our first time attending. We traveled to Houston, TX to attend the show at the end of last week, but the quilt will travel for the next year with the exhibit and the festival.

  • International Quilt Festival – Houston, TX
    • October 31 – November 3, 2013
    • George R. Brown Convention Center
  • International Quilt Festival – Chicago, IL
    • June 19 – 21, 2014

I submitted both of the data quilts for the exhibit category, and prepared for rejection, so I was as surprised as the next person when they took it. I haven’t mentioned it much because I almost couldn’t believe it was true until I saw it there in Texas with my own two eyes.

flag quilts in houston
My work was across the aisle from a quilt inspired by soldiers, titled, “And The Flag Was Still There”, by Rob Appell.

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